Homestead Zupančič is located in Bela Krajina and is a part of a natural park Lahinja. It is a unique habitat of an endemic cave animal, the Black Olm (Proteus Anguinus Parkelj), which is a close relative to a famous baby dragon, the White Olm from Postojna cave. This marshland where you can still drink from the pristine spring, is also a home to a beaver couple, kingfishers, wild ducks, moorhens, many frogs and river crabs. 



After acquiring the land the Zupančič family cleaned up the spring and built a small dam to accumulate water. Slowly, a floating farm came to life. They raised their kids to respect and love nature, good food and good music. The son Rihard, musician and farmer later married a shiatsu practitioner and capoeirista, Chante from the Chicago.. the story continues.



We serve homemade food that grows on our eco certified farm. Jelševniščica spring supplies oxygenated water to trout while our apple orchards serve as an abundant edible canopy for our sheep. For real gourmands we also keep a few huchos. 

LAMUT eco products

Lamut is our brand of eco products. In the heart of Bela Krajina meadows, we are reviving heirloom apple orchards, especially with the varieties native to Slovenian soil. Our apple orchards contribute to the diversity of its vibrant ecosystem, which guarantees a long tradition of sustainable organic apple production.


If you want to immerse yourself completely into this magical ecosystem, you can spend a night in our suspended house and fall asleep with an orchestra of frogs and the sound of running water beneath you.