” I came to this group as a complete foreigner also from a vastly different group I trained with strictly for several years. When researching the closest capoeira I came across a street roda event for CJ and was greeted warmly by the instructors and students even though they didn’t know me. I returned a year later and they welcomed me back with open arms. I must travel quite far to make it to class when I can but it’s completely worth it. To my relief, I find this group to be an even better fit for my learning style. As with most groups of Capoeira it is culturally diverse but I find the sense of humor and respect for individuality to be especially inviting. I also really appreciate that there are 2 experienced instructors with very different teaching styles, I feel like each appeals to a different side of my brain. If you’re looking for a place that will lovingly support your journey as a capoeirista you should definitely give this place a try. I love the artistic and lively atmosphere of this studio and look forward to seeing how my game will improve and making more friends. I feel lucky to have found them! “
ŽIVA GOBBO- environmentalist & Timon - the kid
” The best capoeira in town. Professoura Katjuša lifts up children and grown ups. The energy is superb. Recommend to everybody! To leave children to learn in a playful mode, movement, socialising, singing and playing instruments. Parents can go for a coffee or to take time and play capoeira as it should be 🙂 “
” I had the good fortune to discover Fluid Balance during the lockdown, and took Capoeira and Acrobatics classes with Katjuša and Nikola via Zoom. They are great teachers with fantastic technical knowledge from all the disciplines they have practised, and they have the ability to give helpful, constructive feedback that enables you to develop your skills. Exercises come in well-structured, fun and creative progressions with ample space for you to explore your own creativity and expression. The group is very friendly and welcoming. Even online, there is a very good personal connection. Language has never been an issue, everything takes place in English. “