This course is a journey, an exploration of african-brazilian culture and  musical expressions through Capoeira.

Capoeira is a cultural skill that developed in Brazil over the last two centuries.

It is influenced by and intertwined with:

  • African ritualistic music (mostly Western parts of the North and Central-African regions)
  • Polyrhythmics
  • Trans-like mystical state
  • Native Brazilian cultures
  • Portugese culture

Capoeira is also connected with samba, bossa nova and other Brazilian rhythms. Today, however, it is developing also in the direction of new improvisations, compositions and poetry.

What can you expect from Beat’n’Culture course?

  • Traditional Brazilian songs and singing improvisation
  • Rhythm practice and improvisation with different capoeira instruments (berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque, agogo, reco-reco)
  • Portugal language practice
  • Researching brazilian historical, cultural, social and political backgrounds
  • exploration of situations in which to use specific songs and rhythms inside Capoeira

What will you gain:

  • improved sense of rhythm
  • singing in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Basic of brasilian portugese
  • cultural and musical knowledge of Brazil and Capoeira 

Fun fact! You probably didn’t know, but Capoeira beats have inspired musicians around the world: