Group Capoeira
Balanço da Meia Lua

There was a call. The tribe gathered. It’s still gathering and changing. Katjuša gave it a first chaotic and creative direction. Experiment continues. Mestre is bringing new and old ideas. Cavalo brings historic references and practical solutions.  Tribe members think and act very differently. There is a force bringing us all together.  All the special sparks create the fire we are building. We will not change the world. But we do bring small moments of joy, creativity, self-expression and remembering of the groove to the community among and around us. Group was formed in 2018. We are part of a bigger family Luandaé capoeira composed of different tribes around the world all nurtured by master Pontapé.

Amazonas is active in Croatia with many social projects and other activities.
Oxumare is active in Slovakia and Czech republic, expanding capoeira trough adult and children classes.
Arvore da Vida is active in Malaysia, working on expanding brasilian culture and other creative-movement disciplines in Asia.

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