Katjuša Kovačič

With her unique teaching approach and knowledge, Katjuša enables individuals to evolve their playfulness and creativity in a relaxed and trusting environment. She enriches the trainings with her experience from circus, theatre and dance. Katjuša strives to improve everyone’s musical abilities by helping them to open their voice, improvise, write lyrics and melodies. She prepares the space for anyone to express themselves with her storytelling, theatre and positive energy.

Nikola Orešković

Nikola combines his knowledge from various martial arts and movement systems and transfers it to individuals with a personal approach. While he uses tricks and playfulness to encourage his students’ awareness of their surroundings, the explanation of moves and motions is always straightforward.

Vesna Cesar

skills & powers: - social work - capoeira - environmentalist - child pedagogy titles & education: - fluid balance & capoeira mentorship course - managament of life long learning - herbalist