Become strong, agile and fit. With style, of course!
Capoeira is a powerful force in a movement universe. Enter the world of street craftiness and urban acrobatics!
Explore the afro-brazilian musical grooves and culture spiciness through the art of Capoeira.

Kids & Parents

Playful activities in our classes will stimulate all of the major muscle groups!

Through handstands and cartwheels, jumps and kicks they will learn how to become a real superhero!

our story

About us

There was a call. The tribe gathered. It’s still gathering and changing. Katjuša gave it a first chaotic and creative direction. Experiment continues. Mestre is bringing new and old ideas. Cavalo brings historic references and practical solutions. Tribe members think and act very differently. There is a force bringing us all together. All the special sparks create the fire we are building. We will not change the world. But we do bring small moments of joy, creativity, self-expression and remembering of the groove to community among and around us


We try to have a wide array of activities besides our regular classes and workshops so we manage and support other projects: Roda Aberta on the streets of Ljubljana, street and theatre shows and performances, young mentors programs and different artwork.

your mentors

With her unique teaching approach and knowledge, Katjuša enables individuals to evolve their playfulness and creativity in a relaxed and trusting environment. She enriches the trainings with her experience from circus, theatre and dance.
Nikola combines his knowledge from various martial arts and movement systems and transfers it to individuals with a personal approach. While he uses tricks and playfulness to encourage his students’ awareness of their surroundings, the explanation of moves and motions is always straightforward.

skills & powers:
– social work
– capoeira
– environmentalist
– child pedagogy

titles & education:
– fluid balance & capoeira mentorship course
– management of life long learning
– herbalist



“As with most groups of Capoeira it is culturally diverse but I find the sense of humor and respect for individuality to be especially inviting. I also really appreciate that there are 2 experienced instructors with very different teaching styles, I feel like each appeals to a different side of my brain.”
ŽIVA GOBBO- environmentalist & Timon - the kid
” The best capoeira in town. Professoura Katjuša lifts up children and grown ups. The energy is superb. Recommend to everybody! To leave children to learn in a playful mode, movement, socialising, singing and playing instruments.”
” Katjuša and Nikola are great teachers with a fantastic technical knowledge from all the disciplines they have practised, and they have the ability to give helpful, constructive feedback that enables you to develop your skills. “

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