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Not all of us were born with equal rights.

We tend to take things for granted. Like being literate. Knowing to read and write wasn’t granted for some.

Throughout the bloody history of Capoeira most of its practitioners were in the gutter. Slaves. Ex-slaves. Lover caste. Marginals. Unworthy. Thieves. Criminals.

At least that was how they were seen by ruling caste.

True, most of Capoeiras were illiterate. But that didn’t stop them.

Capoeira has music. We have songs. Songs that speak about history of our beautiful art. Of our heroes. The spirit of freedom was lifted by songs so many times. Life lessons were passed on through the verses.  Songs are our encyclopedia.

Be ready to scrape the surface. Learn deeper meanings behind the lyrics. Ask. Ask about africanisms and the slang words that you don’t understand. It will teach you much more than internet ever could.

Continue to spread the word ???

Nothing can silence us! Capoeira survived oppression. Because of its adaptability to the times it survived to this day. You are the flame carrier. Act like one ?

Axé & paz



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