Forest Capoeira

Forest Capoeira Adults

CAPOEIRA trainings in the woods.
Each Saturday at 16h in Ljubljana.
However, we still have TRAININGS online as well, check SCHEDULE.
BEGINNERS friendly trainings!

Simultaneosly children training is also happening with their own mentor.

More about children classes:

4-7 years 

7+ years


Capoeira is a powerful force in a movement universe. Enter the world of street craftiness and urban magic!
The game of Capoeira comes from Brazil and manifests itself as a physical and cultural expression. It catches the eye with its acrobatics, elegant moves, martial arts precision and dance-like beauty. It warms the heart with its game, music, ritual and philosophy.

Benefits of training Capoeira:

  • better mobility and understanding of body
  • improved balance and fluidity
  • super hero abilities
  • enhancement of communication skills, verbal and non-verbal
  • stronger confidence
  • ingenuity boost
  • refined sense of rhythm

– because we want to provide a “safe environment for training” there will be 10 trainees in one group, so be sure to let us know, if you are interested in Saturday training, BY REGISTRATION via email written down 🌲

– the training will be in a spacious forest 🌲

– you will get the location when you register 😎

– training adapted to previous experience and also friendly to beginners 🍀

– be in comfortable clothes, shoes and take something to drink with you 🍀

– in case of rain we announce an alternative (it can happen that information about this will be a couple of hours before training if there are clouds) 🌲

– since it’s tick season, get protection (we’ll have some too) 😊

– come to training healthy 😊


If you haven’t met us yet, the first training is FREE.

– the price of the visit is 15 EUR 🌲

Info and registration:

[email protected]
+38651218473, Vesna