About Heitor Challegre Damiao

Heitor Challegre Damiao, in Capoeira world better known as mestre Pontapé is our inspiration, a treasure trove of knowledge about life and a heartfelt mestre.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Heitor grew up in poverty and hard living conditions, surrounded by criminal and political intrigue of the Favelas. As a young man he joined capoeira and it helped him reach a different reality. Under the influence of two great mestres, mestre Panteira (ACDP) and mestre Luiz (Luandaé), he managed to start programs for children and youth, promoting life and activities off the streets and away from criminal activities.

He came to Europe in 2000 and became Mestre two years later. Currently living in Hungary, he is the leader of the Luandaé Cultural Centre (centro cultural Luandaé) which unites tribes from around the world: CAPOEIRA BALANÇO DA MEIA LUA-Slovenia, CAPOEIRA AMAZONAS-Croatia, CAPOEIRA OXUMARE- Slovakia and Czech Republic and CAPOEIRA ARVORE DA VIDA- Malaysia/ Sarawak.


Class #4
sreda 9AM - 10AM
četrtek 10AM - 11AM
sobota 1PM - 2PM