About This Lesson

Capoeira is a powerful force in a movement universe. Enter the world of street craftiness and urban magic!

The game of Capoeira comes from Brazil and manifests itself as a physical and cultural expression. It catches the eye with its acrobatics, elegant moves, martial arts precision and dance-like beauty. It warms the heart with its game, music, ritual and philosophy.

Benefits of training Capoeira:
better mobility and understanding of body
Improved balance and fluidity
Super hero abilities
enhancement of communication skills, verbal and non-verbal
stronger confidence
ingenuity boost
refined sense of rhythm

Capoeira is for anyone that:
Loves to move
Wants to gain Hulk strength and Cat Woman’s elegance
Would like to explore Brazilian culture, music and language

Capoeira teaches street craftiness and urban magic, two important arts to help you take your place in this world.

Capoeira has also inspired famous athletes and artists and has been used in myriad of films, musical videos and games, to name most famous ones:

Lateef Crowder
Ido Portal
Ocean’s Twelve
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