Become strong, agile and fit. With style, of course!

As brazilians would say arroz e feijão/ rice and beans; in our culture it could be translated loosely as “bread and butter” – basics, everyday necessity.

Prepare your body for all the challenges inside and outside of Capoeira!
Fit’n’Slick classes give a new dimension to fitness training.


Did you know that one of the best players of football in the world, legendary Neymar trains Capoeira? You can see the slickness of this beautiful art in his game.

Benefits of our Fit’n’Slick Capoeira class:
Improved general fitness
Improved agility
Pre-hab specifically tailored for Capoeira
Better understanding of biomechanics
Graceful movements
Capoeira is for anyone that:
Loves to move
Wants to gain Hulk strength and Catwoman’s elegance
Would like to explore Brazilian culture, music and language

Capoeira teaches street craftiness and urban magic, two important arts to help you take your place in this world.

Capoeira has also inspired famous athletes and artists and has been used in myriad of films, musical videos and games, to name most famous ones:

Lateef Crowder
Ido Portal
Ocean’s Twelve
Still thinking about it?